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 Dr Beau Lotto

Neuroscientist, author, inspirational speaker including 3x main stage TED talks;

and global leading expert on perception and neuroscience

Abby Poem

Yoga teacher, musician & energy healer


We welcome you to be part of an immersive experience, and explore the interdependence between neuroscience, spirituality and your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 


The week long immersion shall be a journey into yourself, and out of yourself. You will end the week seeing yourself see differently, and leave with the skills needed to transform your personal and professional life. 


The daily masterclasses, practices and principals are grounded in our combined expertise in neuroscience, complex adaptive systems, yoga philosophy and practice, meditation, spiritualism and Eastern mythology for Western mindsets. 


The aim of this workshop retreat is to prepare you to thrive in a world that is constantly changing. You will learn to embody the principles of an agile mind, body and spirit. You will discover wellbeing practices and ways of thinking, that will develop wisdom to help you, not only cope, but expand and grow from the conflicts and challenges of life.


This retreat is for people who are ready to start expanding in life by aligning their intentions, words and actions. It is designed for those ready to step forward towards living with integrity and the pursuit of self-honesty


Each day will be themed around a specific topic.

This will be weaved through your morning yoga & meditation practice with Abby,

the discourse and group discussion lead by Beau

and the evening yoga/sunset walk/musical encounter.


You will need to arrive with an open and brave mind and spirit, ready to embrace change.  

See daily topics titles below:

"Understanding why we see what we do, creates the possibility to see differently.."
                  Dr Beau Lotto

A sample day on retreat:

7.30am: Wake up gong. Cup of hot water with lemon and ginger to start your day

8am - 9.15am: Yoga flow & meditation with Abby. A vitalising class designed to invigorate your body, calm your mind and prepare your spirit for the day ahead

9.15am - 10am: "I am ..." exercise on the deck 

10am: Cold pressed juice & light morning snack / smoothie 

10.30am - 12pm: Discourse with Beau 

12.30pm: Brunch feast 

1.30pm - 3pm: Time to think, to lie by the pool, book a massage or read a book

3pm - 4.30pm: Discussion & experience with Beau 

4.30pm - 5.30pm: Tea break 

5.30pm - 7pm: Evening yin yoga / live music - sound experience / sensory journey

7.30pm: Supper time 

9pm: Lab book journaling

9.30pm: Quiet time until after yoga the next morning


6 night all inclusive stay in a luxury villa set in the remote and forested region of north-western Ibiza. Immaculately presented villa, fully catered and hosted by a professional and experienced retreat household

Can Shanti - ZenDen(51).jpg
Can Shanti - Shakti (49).jpg
Can Shanti - Bhakti (18).jpg

A variety of room options to suit all budgets; from private rooms, to twin sharing, and three person luxury rooms. All with high quality organic cotton linen, air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms

Can Shanti - ZenDen(42).jpg

Stunning communal spaces, infinity swimming pool, sunbathing deck, outdoor and indoor sitting spaces, forest yoga deck, yurt, and nature in all directions

Can Shanti - Terrace (33).jpg

Delicious, healthy, balanced food,
 full of colour and vibrant nourishment. We will eat brunch and lunch together each day, deliberately skipping breakfast to allow time for intermittant fasting between meals. Light snacks will be available for those who prefer not to fast.  

Meet the Team


A note from Beau & Abby 

We live together, with our baby boy, Ivo Blue, between Ibiza and Somerset. Since we met in 2020 amid the COVID pandemic, it was clear that one day we would merge our work together to fuse spirituality and neuroscience into a melting pot of discovery and growth. Before Blue came into the word we were based in Ibiza (while Beau travels a lot for work all over the world). We opened and ran a yoga studio/community space in Ibiza called Perception. The vision of Perception was a space for people to engage their minds in workshops and talks with Beau, to engage their bodies in the practice of yoga with Abby, to drink tea, or curl up in the corner and read a book. A home away from home in the village. For us, it was an opportunity to bring our previous experiences together and develop the Perceptual Health retreat model.


This will be our first full week long retreat collaboration together; and our combined 40 years experience makes for an exciting, unique and deeply inquisitive experience.

We hope that you will join us on this quest within. 

 "Life is an experiment, so be curious."

See you in Ibiza

Abby, Beau & Blue x

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